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Liu Gong reacted first, and he quickly said to Zhao Zhongyao.Yeah Mr.Zhao, your knowledge of geography is simply more abundant than our teachers in the Department of Geology Tell me We will listen to you what we want to do.Zhang Gong, also reacted, he also I admire Zhao Zhongyao most effective fat burning exercise very much.Haha, well, I ll repeat what I said just now.Zhao Zhongyao looked at The 51 Best Fat Burning Supplements of 2019 Natural Diet Suppressants the respectful expressions of the two, and he felt much more comfortable.Chapter 32 Looking for Mines 3 Chapter 32 Looking for Mines 3 Zhao Zhongyao s words made Zhang Jun and Liu Cheng look at Zhao Zhongyao a little.Originally, they thought, Zhao Zhong Haruka is a professor in the Department of Physics.It is impossible for Lowers cholesterol levels Natural Diet Suppressants him to know much about geological exploration.But the explanation made by others made them feel ashamed of these two professional geological teachers Zhang Gong, Liu Gong, you two will bring an exploration team to a certain province in the east and a certain province in the south to search for minerals.I don t eating for weight loss and energy know if you two have any opinions.Zhao Zhongyao looked daily dosage of garcinia cambogia at Zhang Jun and Liu I want to hear what they have to say.Mr.Zhao, we have no opinion.We just don t understand, Mr.Zhao, you are a physicist, how can you have such a research on geology Zhang Jun now wants to know how Zhao Zhongyao knows so much Geographical knowledge.Yeah Mr.Zhao, did you learn geography one day diet pills chinese before How do you understand so much yohimbe walgreens geography knowledge Also, we have never seen uranium mines.Have you ever seen them How do you know so much about uranium mines Although Zhang Jun and Liu Cheng admire Natural Diet Suppressants Zhao Zhongyao very much, they still have a problem with Zhao Zhongyao Haha, you slimming tablets side effects guys are Lowers cholesterol levels Natural Diet Suppressants talking about this Isn t it simple I only found out after checking some information these days President Zuo phentermine no precription asked me to study atomic bombs.May I study the geography related to atomic bombs Knowledge Also, you don t understand how I know the specific weight loss pills for athletes color and quality of uranium ore.This is mainly my speculation through some theories.It may not be true.It s just that none of you have seen uranium ore, so If I say this, you believe it.Okay, our task is urgent, do you want to leave soon Zhao Zhongyao wants to let the two set off to find uranium mines Mr.Zhao, we are also very anxious.We want to find uranium ore sooner But as you said just now, uranium ore is a radioactive element.We wear ordinary clothes to search for mines.Isn t that dangerous Yes We have not been equipped with special radiation protection clothes Zhang Gong and Liu Lowers cholesterol levels Natural Diet Suppressants Gong had done geological prospecting work before, and they knew that some mineral deposits best over the counter appetite suppressant 2017 were radioactive, and they had to wear best diet supplement for belly fat special chemical protective clothing Liu Cheng suddenly thought of such a key issue, because it is best supplement for belly fat related to the safety of mining personnel, so I can t ignore it Okay, thank you Liu Gong.I just remembered your reminder Before, I just made a uranium mine detector and didn t study Increase metabolism for faster weight loss Natural Diet Suppressants this chemical protective suit It seems that I have to study a chemical protective suit.Take it Zhao Zhongyao was also anxious for a while, forgetting a very important thing in this mining search.

He and his Little Antelope helicopter have become the stars of China, and they have boarded some newspapers and TV news programs.Since the antelope itself is an armed helicopter, it is a new equipment to be used by the army, so it is naturally more favored by the leaders of the General Armament Department.The leaders of the General Armament Department appreciated weight loss plus the demeanor of the small antelope, and they also trusted Zhao Zhongyao.They personally met Zhao Zhongyao and officially appointed him as a military expert in the General Armament Department.Of course, for the convenience of Zhao Zhongyao s work, he still belongs to a member of Jianggong University, and his basic identity is performix womens still the head of the physics department 5 supplements of Jianggong University.A university professor.But he also has a secret identity, that is, a technical expert of the General Armament Department, directly under the command of the head of the General Armament Department, foods that are protein and others have no right to interfere with Zhao Zhongyao s behavior.The small antelope has been successfully developed and has achieved impressive results in the flying competition.Therefore, the leader of the General Armament green tea extract pills weight loss reviews Department immediately ordered Jiang Gong University to batch six small antelope helicopters before their deaths to be quickly equipped with an armored division in Jianghai City.go with.Zuo Junqiang received this task, and of course he immediately joined Zhao Zhongyao

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to the affiliated factory of Jianggong University of Technology.After six months of continuous fighting, he finally successfully completed the task assigned by the superior.Six heavily armed sdm 30 side effects helicopters appeared in front of everyone.The previous small Antelope helicopter is a prototype and experimental aircraft, so it is not intended to be equipped to the army, but to test some of the flight performance of this aircraft, and has been kept in the affiliated factory of Jianggong University The six fully armed Gazelle helicopters have been developed and have been checked and accepted by relevant experts from the General Armament Department.In the end, all of them are qualified, and then they are equipped with the armored division.This armored division, of course, is the armored division where Master Yan Mingcheng is.Because Jiangjianghai City, this armored division is best over counter weight loss pills also a pilot division of the whole army, and it is a key unit of the whole army for military reform.After the leaders of the General Armament Department equipped these six small antelope helicopters to Yan Mingcheng s troops, they asked Yan Mingcheng and Zhao Zhongyao to meet.When facing Yan Mingcheng, the leader of the General Armament Department said that these six helicopters are the latest equipment.You must use the training well to maximize its efficiency.Naturally, Yan Mingcheng agreed at once, and will definitely work hard to train and use these new equipment.In addition, maintenance and repair work will be done on these new equipment to what s the most effective diet extend the service life of the new equipment.

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In this way, chemical energy is also put.Converted into kinetic energy, the gas turbine starts to work.How This is the working principle of gas turbines.Isn t it simple and wonderful After Jonis finished speaking, he looked at Chen Cheng and Sun Ming excitedly.He wanted to hear their opinions.This is a good thing It seems that the level of science and technology in your country M is advanced We, developing countries, really xenical vs phentermine can t study this stuff Before Chen Cheng and Sun Ming spoke, a young Chinese Burn stored fat Natural Diet Suppressants student next to him spoke first.Of course, the level of science and technology of our country M is absolutely world class.The level of science and technology of your country of China, and ours The difference is decades After hearing what the Chinese student said, Jonis proudly brags.Yes It is very difficult for our country to surpass your country M Originally, there was not a big gap between the engine industry and yours, but now that you have developed a gas turbine, you suddenly widened the gap The young Chinese student looked at the advanced gas turbine.He had no choice but to shook his head and smiled bitterly.Haha, of course, Lao Chen, Lao Sun, have you all heard it Even your next generation feels that it is impossible to surpass our country M You two, this time, the gap with me has widened Your gym pills piston engine, my gas turbine will be eliminated sooner or later Jones listened to what the Chinese trim fast diet pills student said, he was excited to show best forskolin on the market off in front of Chen Cheng and Sun Ming.Chen Cheng and Sun Ming heard them, the two old faces were flushed with shame, think about it, himself and Jonis.Researching the engine together, they have now developed a gas turbine, and I am still studying the traditional piston engine Of bitter orange for weight loss course I feel that I am inferior to Jonis.Hey, Old Chen This year, we two are ashamed of here Old Qiao, this old fox, is really amazing A gas turbine was developed It seems that Natural Diet Suppressants the two of us are really going to let the times be eliminated Sun Ming was very suffocated after hearing what Jonis said, but he couldn t say Powerful Fat Burner Natural Diet Suppressants anything against it.Old Sun We can t go back home in such a dingy way We have to find a bit of face Old Chen seems to have Natural Diet Suppressants paid attention.Old Chen, what do you want to say Sun Ming looked at Chen Cheng puzzledly.You can just listen to what you want to say.After Chen Cheng finished speaking, he came to Jonis.He vitamin to lose belly fat patted Jonis on the shoulder and said Old Joe Actually, we also have new things, but buy albuterol tablets uk they are in the development process and have not been developed yet, so we still use traditional engines.Come to the exhibition.Oh What new stuff Let s listen Jonis was fake pills online very curious when he heard what Old Cheng said.He wanted to hear what the new stuff Chen Cheng said Huh, our country has more advanced engines than your gas turbines Old Chen looked at Jonis very confidently.What, you still have an engine that is more advanced than our gas turbine, you are not kidding How is this possible Our engine is already the most advanced in the world, and has just been developed into a prototype, and has not been put fat burners men into use.

I don t know what to do Since Zhao Zhongyao medicine for slim body can solve this problem, why not let him try it In this way, Zhao Zhongyao became the expert team leader of Jianggong University who went to Mogudao to search for uranium mines and rescue strongest blood pressure medication the people.There are ten of them, including Liu Cheng and Zhang Jun who went to search for uranium mines last time.Of course, in order to protect Zhao Zhongyao s safety, Zuo Junqiang let Dahu and Xiaohu wear civilian clothes and follow Zhao Zhongyao s side.After preparing vitamins to lose belly fat to stop, the group took a special car to Jianghai Port, and then took the cabin to Mushroom Island.Sitting in the boat, Zhao Zhongyao saw a small island full of trees in front of him.He knew that this small island was a mushroom island.As he was about to reach the island, there may be radiation reasons, Zhao Zhongyao asked everyone to put on the black graphite chemical protective suit he developed.Mushroom Island is caffeine supplements walmart about 30 nautical miles away from Jianghai Port.The cabin arrived in almost an Natural Diet Suppressants This burns fat not carbs for healthy weight loss. K2 Slim Keto takes advantage of the health benefits of a blend of keto, calcium BHB, magnesium BHB and sodium BHB. This product promises to unlock the body’s fat-burning potential. hour.Arriving at a pier on Mushroom Island, after the cabin Burn stored fat Natural Diet Suppressants was steadily stopped, Miss Jiang Gongda expert led pure muscle x chemist warehouse by Zhao Zhongyao boarded the island.On the dock, there are many policemen on duty.Those who come and go must be checked.Without a special pass, they are not allowed to go to the island.Zhao Zhongyao and the others naturally had a special pass from the mayor, and they boarded the island smoothly.After going to the island, Natural Diet Suppressants Zhao Zhongyao saw amazing garcinia scam this small island much more drugs that give you energy than he thought.Because he was looking at a national map, the scale of this map is also very large.So, even if there is Supports the body’s fat excretion processes Natural Diet Suppressants only a small spot on the topographic map of the country, it actually covers an area of about ten square kilometers.Zhao Zhongyao led the expert team Unique new weight loss supplement Natural Diet Suppressants and first came to the mushroom village.Because they need to understand the situation of the villagers first, to see how Natural Diet Suppressants many people in the village have cancer, and who they are.After understanding, Zhao Zhongyao knew that there were now dozens of people left in Mushroom Village.And most of them are elderly people.There are also some young people who Increase metabolism for faster weight loss Natural Diet Suppressants have cancer.They feel that their days are running out and they have no money for treatment, so they dr oz water pill simply go home and let their fate.However, it is strange that as long as the people who are (RSP CLA 1000 Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Natural Diet Suppressants sick are those who have been to gold mines, almost all the people who have been to gold mines have cancer.As for those who are getting older, they just stay at home because they don t have the energy, but they are not sick.This time the cancer outbreak has almost nothing to do with them.Although they are very old, they are still very healthy.This makes Zhao Zhongyao and some other experts very strange.Why are those people who have dig gold mines almost all have terminal illnesses, but diabetes medicine that causes weight loss the elderly who are just staying at home are not only not sick, but also healthier than before, isn t this strange Chapter 39 Mushroom Island 4 Chapter 39 Mushroom Island 4 Zhao Zhongyao and the others first investigated in the village, and then they wanted to do business.

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