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To be continued.Chapter 432, Company Commander Zhao Okay, let s get up What is militarized management is to start with physical training.Workers in military factories use the physical fitness of a soldier to be able to Complete various production tasks assigned by superiors.Zhao Zhongyao saw that everyone had finally completed the task of one hundred push ups, and then everyone got up.After listening, everyone got up from the ground, wiped the sweat from their faces, and then walked towards the dormitory one after another.Everyone hurry up and wash up and get ready to rest.From now on, at nine o clock every night, the lights will be turned off on time.No one is allowed to chat and talk about the mountains after turning off the lights.After Zhao Zhongyao finished speaking, he went back to his own.Go to the office.The male workers are all squeezed into the what is the best pill to lose weight fast bathroom now.They were doing push ups just now and they were all sweaty.They wanted to wash them quickly.Zhao Gang and Li Nansong are good buddies.They are always inseparable.They go to the bathroom together.When they arrived in the bathroom, the two started talking while washing their faces.Brother Zhao, did you say that Director Zhao had deliberately rectified us just now How could we have physical training at night Li Nansong was still thinking about it What s wrong When you were in the recruit company, didn t you do physical training at night Isn t that normal Think about it, what are these hundred push ups When we were in the recruit company, every night Several hundred The recruit company had the hardest three months of serving as Increase metabolism for faster weight loss Supreme Weight Loss a soldier.Any soldier who served as a soldier must have fresh memories of the life of the recruit company.Especially before going to bed at night, those hundreds are really unbearable.One hundred push ups, one losing weight on wellbutrin xl hundred sit ups, one hundred squats, and half an hour buy contrave online canada to hold their stomachs.After a while, everyone will feel that the bones are scattered.Therefore, many new recruits will regret it when they arrive in the army, so they want to go back, and they don t want to be a soldier But where the Increase metabolism for faster weight loss Supreme Weight Loss army is, it s not where you want to come or leave.You have to stay there whether you like it or not.Zhao Gang knew very well the life of the recruit company The 10 Best Fat Burners To Help You (MELT FAT) And Get Shredded! Supreme Weight Loss at that time.Now these 100 push ups, although very tired, are nothing compared to the situation at the time.It s really not rectifying us.Li Nansong still didn t believe it.Of course not.You have also been a soldier.Why don t you know that militarized

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management is to have a taste of a barracks Zhao Gang felt that this would not be factory manager Zhao deliberately rectifying what is didrex them, everything is in Within a reasonable range.Hey, Brother Zhao, before we did push ups, while chatting in the dormitory, I seemed to see a figure standing in our dormitory for a while and then left.At the time, I didn t care, thinking it was the colleague.Yeah Thinking about it now, that person wouldn t be Director Zhao, right Our conversation must have Appetite control to reduce calorie intake Supreme Weight Loss been heard by Director Zhao.

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Therefore, the popping sound is naturally much larger than the sound of a cork opening a wine bottle.The function of the muffler is to keep the high temperature and high pressure gas inside the bullet from being released at the moment it exits the chamber.Because a muffler is also connected to the port of the barrel.This section of muffler is equivalent to lengthening the barrel.When the bullet is shot out of the barrel, the high temperature and high pressure gas in the barrel is not released at once, but is buffered in the muffler, which naturally reduces the sound of the bullet when anxiety medications cause weight loss it is ejected from the barrel.To make a vivid metaphor, for example, the sound of an iron ball falling on the grass is definitely much smaller than the sound of falling on the concrete floor.This is because the grass can Increase metabolism for faster weight loss Supreme Weight Loss buffer the kinetic energy of the iron ball.It is very difficult for the concrete floor to produce this buffering process, and only the kinetic energy can burst out at once.Therefore, the alli diet pill walmart sound of an iron ball falling on the concrete floor is much greater than the sound of falling on the grass.The grenade silencer that Zhao Zhongyao wants to develop Supreme Weight Loss is the same.He wants to put an iron cover with small holes on the outside escitalopram and weight loss of the grenade, so that when the grenade explodes, it can effectively reduce the explosion of the grenade.sound.Yes, that s it.I will design this grenade silencer first.After Zhao Zhongyao thought about it, he designed a grenade silencer drawing next to the keto shred diet original design of the M68 grenade Compared with designing a grenade, the drawing of this grenade silencer is much simpler.So, it took Zhao Zhongyao almost two hours to draw the drawing of the grenade silencer.Yeah That s it.After Zhao Zhongyao designed it, he put it in the drawer again.For Zhao Zhongyao, he knew that he had to use the M68 grenade he designed to deal with a big wild boar.But in any case, frying the wild boar with grenades is a little overkill.If there is another better way, Zhao Zhongyao is still reluctant to use this method.Not to mention the problem of wasting or wasting gunpowder, the key is to blow the wild boar with grenades, which may be discovered by the villagers.Even if Zhao Zhongyao has now designed a novel thing like a grenade silencer.But Zhao Zhongyao knew very well that even if a silencer was installed on a grenade, it would definitely not be as effective as a silencer on a pistol.It is important to know that the bullet in the gun is the sound of a burst of air pressure formed in the muzzle after it bursed out of the barrel.The sound of a grenade exploding is different from patanjali products for weight gain the sound of a gun shooting.The sound of a grenade exploding is much greater than the sound of a gun shooting.The top diet pills for men reason is that why are rae metabolism drops on recall there is more gunpowder in a shot than there is in a bullet.In a sense, the principle of grenade and explosion is the same as the principle of gun shooting.They all Supports the body’s fat excretion processes Supreme Weight Loss use the high temperature and high pressure gas produced by gunpowder in the explosion, and then let these high temperature and high pressure gas push the shrapnel to attack the enemy.

When Zhang Lianying heard Zhao Xingang s words, he immediately began to take Zhao.Zhongyao and Zhao Xingang are compared.Yeah Xiao Zhao, you did a good job.When the factory starts, I will take care of you.Chen Dongshan saw that Zhao Xingang gave them a lot of face, and he also gave Zhao Xingang a garcinia pure lean xtreme reviews benefit in person.Thank you two experts, I will work hard and follow your instructions.Zhao Xingang was also obedient in front how does slim tea work of Chen Dongshan.Okay, you two should be satisfied now Zhao Zhongyao took a look, and since Zhao Xingang has carried forward his style, he has let glandular supplements side effects the two old guys.Of course, but this was not arranged by you Zhao Zhongyao.It was developed by Comrade Zhao Xingang.We are still not satisfied with you as the factory director.Zhang Lianying saw that Zhao Zhongyao still increase metabolism supplement had a cold face towards them., He was still very unconvinced.Haha, well, if you are not satisfied, can I continuously improve my working methods I believe that one day, I will satisfy both of you.Zhao Zhongyao knew new weight loss drug fda approval that he was still very experienced in dealing with such old guys.For quite a few years, there were two old experts who were arrogant in front of him, and didn t put him in the eyes of Zhao Zhongyao, but in the end, he hadn t 118 pounds in dollars put these two old experts in full compliance.I hope so The two old phentermine diet pills walmart guys gave Zhao Zhongyao a blank look, and then reluctantly followed Zhao Xingang with his salute to the dormitory.Only reduce your appetite then did Zhao Zhongyao think that he would go to his office to have a look As soon as he arrived, he went to the conference room ali dietary supplement first, not knowing how his office was.Thinking of this, Zhao Zhongyao came out of the meeting room and came to the door of an office with a factory director sign.He pushed the door and walked in.This is an ordinary office with about 30 square meters.There is no furnishings inside, only a desk and a single bed.This is my office, my dormitory one up supplement Zhao Zhongyao glanced at Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases Supreme Weight Loss the furnishings in his office.He felt like he was back in college, and he and a few agreed to live in the dormitory.Hey, forget it, is Supreme Weight Loss Rapid Tone promises a fast fat-burning process through its keto-based formula. The pills contain garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean, which when combined help block carbs and provide the enzymes known for helping in healthy weight loss. This weight loss supplement is made non-GMO and gluten-free. this the test (Skinny Gal Weight Loss for Women) Supreme Weight Loss of my superiors It just depends on whether I can build this small factory into a super large company.Then I can only live in such a simple office.Zhao Zhong Looking at everything in front of him, he felt both pressure and some motivation.He knew that from now on, everything must be created with his own hands.If you want to realize your great ideal, manage this small factory well and let it grow and develop is the most important thing you need to do.Anyway, he also solved the dormitory problem, two old gnc cambogia guys.There is nothing for the time being, and he can take a break.Since everyone came to this military industrial base in the deep mountains from all directions, the journey was shark tank keto tone episode also very tiring.After top 5 weight loss supplements they came, they naturally needed to rest.After Zhao Zhongyao finished dividing the dormitory, he let everyone take a xenical reviews uk day off and talk about work tomorrow.Chen Dongshan and Zhang Lianying took their salutes and came to their dormitory.

Anyway, this iron cage was once again put off the empty cannon.The King of Wild Boar was not fooled.Director Zhao, what should I do Is it time to use our assassin.Looking at this situation, Zhao Gang took his bag again.It seems that there is no other way.If what vitamin is good for weight loss you don t do anything, the wild boar will go home to sleep again after how many water pills can you take a day eating.Zhao Zhongyao also felt that the idea of using iron cages to catch wild boars is completely useless.I don t want to use my own landless grenade, now I have to use it.Director Zhao, then I m going to do it.Zhao Gang said, and took the silent grenade out of the military bag.When they came just now, Chen Dongshan and Zhang Lianying watched Zhao Gang carry a military satchel, and they thought what is the best prescription weight loss medication what was in it They thought it was Zhao Gang who pretended to eat.If they can t meet the wild boar quickly after they get to the woods, they will 7 supplements that melt fat have to wait a long time, and then these foods are for everyone s lunch.But now after listening to the conversation between Zhao Zhongyao and Zhao Gang, the two of them felt that there would never medically approved be food in the satchel.This what Powerful Fat Burner Supreme Weight Loss is this.Zhang Lianying took a look at Zhao Gang and took out a small iron cage from his shoulder bag.The whole is spherical.It s about the size of a child s ball.There was also an iron egg like a pomegranate inside, which felt what diet pill really work strange.He had never seen such a thing.Chen Dongshan stared in surprise at the silent grenade in Zhao Gang s hand.Even Accelerate digestion for quicker fat breakdown Supreme Weight Loss weight loss appetite suppressant that really works if he was an old military expert, he had never top fat loss pills seen such a weapon.This is this an iron cage Haven t you seen it Is it similar to the iron cage developed by both of you It s just that you can i buy garcinia cambogia at cvs two have a big iron cage, is this iron cage small Zhao Gang naturally knew that this thing was What s wrong, results from phentermine it s just that he deliberately pretended not to know, just to tease these two old guys.This what s the use Zhang Lianying couldn t help but asked again.Two old guys, you look at me, I look at you, and look at the silent grenade in Zhao Gang s hand together.Both of them have doubts.Catch wild boars Your big iron cage catches wild boars, and this small iron cage catches wild boars.Zhao Gang adipex dangers continued to tease the two old guys.What a joke, our big iron cage still can t catch wild boars.You gadgets can catch wild boars.How can it be possible Let alone this king of wild boars weighing more than two hundred catties, even if it belongs to the king of prescription weight loss drug list wild boars.Grandson, you little iron cage can t hold it Zhang Lianying heard what Zhao Gang said, he didn t believe that such a small thing could catch wild boars, how could this be possible.Zhao Gang, what are you doing The big iron cages I developed can t use this wild boar.You can catch wild boars in the small iron cage.Are you teasing us Chen Dongshan already felt that Zhao Gang was teasing them.Up.Because it is impossible to catch wild boars with this small iron cage.You you Zhao Gang, what are you talking about The wild boar king is full and wants to return to official.Hurry up.Zhao Zhongyao saw that the wild boar king has now taken them.

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