Generally, deep tissue is integrated with other massage techniques to help aid and prepare deep muscle for penetration and remodeling of injured tissues. This technique helps reduce injuries/re-injury and alleviate inflammation.

60 min. ~ $70

90 min. ~ $100


Hot stones are incorporated into the massage session.  This technique aids in physical healing, mental relaxation and creates a spiritual connection with earth energy.  This treatment brings the entire body into a supreme healing process with a rapid exchange between blood and oxygen.  Essential oils are added to enhance session.

60 min. ~ $80

90 min. ~ $100


This technique of massage is designed to energize the body by stimulating circulation.  Swedish massage assists with generalized relaxation, dissolution of scar tissue adhesions and improves circulation and reduces swelling from injury.

60 min. ~ $65

90 min. ~ $95


Upon receiving authorization from your doctor, massage will be able to help relieve tension, and general aches and pains that your body is suffering.  Massage during pregnancy can improve circulation and immunity, helps stabilize hormones, relieve backaches and leg pain, as well as enhance sleep.

60 min. ~ $65


Her Alibi Salon also provides medical massage for insurance and state fund approved clients.  Please call to schedule a consultation or to acquire additional information on our medical services rates and requirements.

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